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Photo of Elisa Abedrapo

Elisa Abedrapo

Quality Control Analyst & Test Leader

Quality Control analyst for more than 6 years, involved in several testing projects but mainly focused on Web-testing techniques. On 2012 she started leading her team, learning how to manage a team and facing the challenges that taking that role implied. Before start working in the software industry she spent a long time working in a number of things to gather money to travel across the world, so she could visit almost all South American countries, Spain and Middle East.…

Photo of Manisha Awasthi

Manisha Awasthi

Senior Test Analyst

I am a software tester. I started in this field almost 6 years ago and increasing my learning with each day passing. It’s a very challenging role and as per me, a tester is a first user of a software application. So, Testing activity weighs a lot of weight in itself and teams should not ignore software testing.…

Photo of Raji Bhamidipati

Raji Bhamidipati

I am a software tester and I love my job! Embarking on a career in testing is perhaps one of the best decisions I have made in life. I have been in this profession for more than 6 years and have worked in various roles during that time. I have realized that there are many ways to be an excellent tester and am constantly striving to become one.…

Photo of Katrin Agnes Campanini

Katrin Agnes Campanini

Quality Manager / TOSCA Specialist

„Qualität ist spürbar“

Vor sieben Jahren habe ich meine Passion für Testing entdeckt und habe mich seitdem vielfältig weiterentwickelt. Vom Aufbau eine Regressionstestset (manuell, HP QC) übers Release Testing, Analyse von Changes, Dokumentation und Analyse Bugs sowie Retest und Reporting kam ich zur Testautomation mit TOSCA sowie Testmanagement.

Vollständig qualifiziert als TOSCA Certified Implementation Partner. Spezialisiert auf Risk Coverage (Requirements) und TestCaseDesign sowie Optimization automated TestExecution und Coaching TOSCA Testmanagement.…

Lisa Crispin


Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (2014), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (2009), co-author with Tip House of Extreme Testing (2002). Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person in 2012.…

Kate Falanga

Director, Quality Assurance

Reda Fatima

Associate Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Photo of Ms. Pamela Moncavage Gillaspie

Ms. Pamela Moncavage Gillaspie

Managing Test Engineer

Photo of Gem Hill

Gem Hill

Software Tester

My name is Gem and I’m a relative newbie to the world of QA and testing, but I’m enjoying it immensely. I mostly do manual testing against acceptance criteria, but have a bit of experience with automated tools as well. I’ve just started a podcast, Lets Talk About Tests, Baby, because I am addicted to podcasts 🙂

I’m looking forward to getting to know the testing/QA community better!

Photo of Emma Jacobson

Emma Jacobson

Software Test Engineer II

I started working in software test during a summer internship in 2006, fell in love with it, and haven’t left the industry since.  I’ve worked with embedded systems, web-based systems, and desktop applications.  I’m currently working as the lead tester for the Lifecodes division of Immucor.

I love to learn and am constantly looking for better methods to improve my own testing methods as well as my department’s.

Ms Kriti Mehta

Quality Analyst

Claire Moss

QA Lead

Agile software tester working closely with product development team, a real test jumper. I help teams to craft more testable user stories. Testing teacher, unit and integration test review and advisement, exploratory testing coach. Exploratory tester (manual tester) and test automator using Ruby and WATIR. Software testing speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and blogger. I <3 testing!

Photo of Bernice Niel Ruhland

Bernice Niel Ruhland

Director Quality Management Programs

I have more than 20 years of professional experience encompassing a variety of technical disciplines and I currently serve as the Director of Quality Management Programs for ValueCentric LLC. My years of diverse experience has come together that includes software programming, testing, business analysis, program assessment and implementation. I currently lead the company’s Software Testing Department and oversee the company’s strategic Quality programs and roadmaps. …

Photo of Jay Philips

Jay Philips

CEO & President

A highly experienced leader with a focus in business intelligence and software development team building.

Successfully completed multiple large and small projects in a variety of industry domains including strict regulated financial & health care environments.

Over the years, I have concentrated on learning more about the entire software life cycle, quality process and controls for a project.…

Photo of Jill Jill M Scigliano

Jill Jill M Scigliano

Sr. Quality Assurance Consultant

Photo of Sabina Sasha Simons

Sabina Sasha Simons

Test Strategist

I’m a software tester and I love testing!

I’ve been testing for over 5 years now and looking to continue down that path in testing. I’m always looking for better ways to do things and I love to learn from my peers. I’m currently working as a Test Strategist at D2L Corporation on an Agile Team.…

Nandini Srinivasan

Sr QA Manager

Cynthia Wu

Quality Engineer

An accidental tester, I moved into testing after being a software developer and analyst.  I love the challenges that testing brings and how it really drives me to learn more about everything.