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Elisa Abedrapo

Quality Control Analyst & Test Leader


Quality Control analyst for more than 6 years, involved in several testing projects but mainly focused on Web-testing techniques. On 2012 she started leading her team, learning how to manage a team and facing the challenges that taking that role implied. Before start working in the software industry she spent a long time working in a number of things to gather money to travel across the world, so she could visit almost all South American countries, Spain and Middle East. Despite she didn’t finish her degree in Science and Astronomy she keeps analyzing every problem with a scientist logic trying to get reliable results. She is now studying for a Bs. in Computer Science degree aiming to validate her current skills and acquire new knowledge for her career. In her free time she uses to grow her programming skills and learning more about testing methodologies, but also she spends daily 30-min to run on the beach or exercise indoor at home.


  • Location: Villa Gesell, Argentina.
  • Roles Held:
    • Exploratory Tester
    • Functional Tester
    • Manual Tester
    • Senior Test Engineer
    • Software Tester
    • Test Lead
  • Specializes In:
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Black Box Testing
    • End-To-End Testing
    • Exploratory Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Pair Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Responsive Design Testing
    • Risk Based Testing
    • Smoke Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Web Applications Testing
  • Methodologies:
    • Scrum (Agile)
    • Kanban (Agile)